Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Shopping For A Bridal Gown This Spring

21 April 2016
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog

Going shopping for your bridal gown can be one of the best parts of preparing for your wedding. However, it can be easy to mess up this amazing experience as well. Make sure that you avoid these common mistakes when going shopping for your gown. 

Leave Your Entourage At Home

Many brides mistakenly think that they should bring their entire bridal part with them when they go dress shopping. However, bringing your entire gang can actually make the process of trying on and finding the right dress harder. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the opinion of others.

Instead, bring your mother and only one or two close friends with you who really know you well. You need a couple of people who really know you, and can be real and let you know what not only looks good on you, but fits your personality and style.

Be Realistic About Your Dress Size

Many brides set very ambitious goals to lose weight before their wedding. However, losing weight is not an easy process, which is why the dieting industry makes so much money every year. 

When you go shopping for your gown, try on dresses in the size that you are right now. If is way easier for a tailor to take your dress in than it is to take make a dress that it is too small larger. Wedding gowns are designed to be taken in multiple sizes without changing the overall look of your wedding gown.

If you do meet your ambitious goals, your dress can be taken in at a later date. However, it will be next to impossible for your tailor to make a small gown larger.

Try On Dresses Within Your Budget Range Only

When you go shopping, only try on dresses in your price range. Trying on a more expensive dress can be heartbreaking if that ends up being the one that you love. Only try on dresses that you can actually afford.

That said, make sure that you realize the ticket price is not the final price of your gown. You are also going to need to pay sales taxes, if applicable in your state, as well as delivery and alteration costs. 

In addition, you will need to purchase specific undergarments designed to work with your dress. You'll also need to purchase shoes and perhaps jewelry accessories as well. You may want to purchase a veil as well as hair accessories. So if your entire wardrobe budget it $2,000, that means you'll need to purchase a dress well below that price point so you can purchase everything else that goes along with your dress. 

Make sure you know exactly what your dress budget is and what your wardrobe budget is before you go dress shopping.

If you keep the advice above in mind, you will avoid being disappointing during the dress buying process this spring. To find out more, visit a website like http://bridalelegance.us.com/.