Clothing Tips For Attending An Outdoor Burial In The Winter

18 April 2016
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog

Finding some dark or muted clothing to wear to a traditional funeral service and burial when the weather is pleasant isn't typically a challenge, but if you plan to attend a funeral and there will be a burial or placement of the ashes in a columbarium at the cemetery, you'll be facing cold weather and will have to dress accordingly. The concern comes if your typical winter wardrobe doesn't possess the heat to keep you warm if you're standing outside for a long period of time or if it isn't visually suited to wear at such a solemn occasion. Whether you have to buy some attire or get creative with your existing clothing, here are some tips to remember.

Tips For Men

You can still wear a dark-colored suit or a dark sports coat and slacks to the funeral, but you'll need to make some important adjustments to ensure that you stay as comfortable as possible when you're outdoors. Opt for dressy boots instead of dress shoes; the former will typically have a thick, rubber sole that will help to keep your feet warmer than standard dress shoes, and the sides of the boot will keep your feet dry if there's snow on the ground. Fit a dark sweater vest over your dress shirt – it will suit the formal look but keep your core warm. Leather gloves, a muted scarf tucked into your collar and a pea coat or quilted trench coat will also keep you comfortable.

Tips For Women

If you have a hard time staying warm while wearing a dress or skirt in the winter, opt for dark slacks with insulated leggings underneath. A wool sweater or a dress shirt with a sweater vest can keep your upper body comfortable, while boots will provide traction and warmth in the snow. As with your male counterpart, leather gloves and a scarf are also ideal; you can also opt for wrap-around style ear warmers – if you have long hair, you can tuck this device under your hair and it will hardly be visible.

Other Things To Know

While you can expect that the outdoor portion of the funeral will be brief if it's extremely cold, you can take steps beyond your wardrobe to ensure that you're comfortable. A simple approach is to carry a hand warmer in each pocket of your coat – and, if you're really chilly, in your pants pockets as well. Activate the warmers when you step out of the car and they'll provide several minutes of heat.

Contact the funeral home (like Fluehr Funeral Home or a similar location) in your area for more tips on what attire will be most appropriate for your climate.